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The Cheap Server Mess

As many people reading this would know, I have several servers around the world doing various things. This website you’re viewing right now is hosted on one of those very servers. Now, because I’ve got a few of these, I like to keep costs to a minimum. As such, I tend to look around for cheap providers when I can.

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Going back to iOS

Back in 2005, I got my first smart phone. The i-mate JASJAR. It was amazing. It did everything I could ever want. This was two years before the first iPhone came out and it was more powerful than said iPhone. Phones have come a long way since that fabled phoneputer (as my friends would call it). I got my first iPhone in early 2009. This was the start of my love for iOS.

Since that first iPhone, I have tried to be impartial when it comes to mobile operating systems. I would never consider myself a fangirl, instead just using the best tools for the intended purpose. Last month, I got myself a Samsung Galaxy S5. I thought I’d give Android a try again (I tried it back with the Nexus S). After a little under a month, I have decided it’s time to bite the bullet and put my SIM card back into my beloved iPhone 5S.

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